Self Employment & Business Development

We have helped numerous businesses to function in rural Ontario.

Some examples of businesses started are:

  • Woodworking businesses
  • Maintenance businesses
  • Elderly Support businesses
  • Delivery businesses

We can assist with start up costs such as:

  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Advertising
  • Promotion

Employment Supports

Employment Supports Program

The Employment Supports Program provides services and supports that people with disabilities need to obtain and keep jobs. It serves a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of disabilities and interests. Below is a list of supports designed to assist in the hiring and training of individuals with a disability.

Skills Training

If an individual needs specific training to function in your workplace, this could be provided. If, for example, an individual needs to know a specific computer application, our program will assist with getting the appropriate training.

Licensing and Certification

The Employment Supports Program may be able to cover certification/licensing costs required to enable a person to work in a particular profession or occupation. It is important to note, however, that license/certification/exam fees related to OSAP eligible education programs are not eligible for employment supports.

On the Job Training

This is a job placement in which there is an employer-employee relationship and an expectation of continued employment after the training period. The worker is paid directly by the employer; the employer can be reimbursed 40 – 60% of the hourly wage during the training period, up to a maximum of six months. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide WSIB coverage.

Unpaid Work Experience

This may be appropriate for individuals who require a short period of time in a work environment to gain valuable work experience and to test out their abilities and interests in specific types of work. The placement may be full-time or part-time and should provide adequate supervision and training. With this approach, the employer is not responsible for WSIB coverage.

Special Clothing

If special clothing is required to participate in training or employment, such as uniforms or steel-toed boots, these may be provided through the Employment Supports Program. Special clothing required due to the nature of a person’s disability may also be approved.

Job Coaching

Job coaching is intended to assist a trainee or newly-hired employee to attain a productivity level that is competitive with other workers. Job coaching will assist clients to function independently in competitive employment and will address any work performance issues that may arise.

Employed Applicants

Clients who are already employed, but are experiencing difficulties in their job due to their disability, may be eligible for supports to address these difficulties. Note: Employment Supports cannot fund on-going supports. These support services are time-limited.


Clients who have skills and a viable business idea can apply for self-employment supports to establish business / become self-employed.

Obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code

An employer has obligations under the Human Rights Code to accommodate an individual with disabilities in the workplace. Where an employer can demonstrate that the cost of an accommodation would create financial hardship, financial assistance from the Employment Supports Program may be negotiated.

It may be important to you as an employer to have access to support in hiring a person with a disability. People with disabilities are ready, willing, and able to make a contribution to your organization. With supports and creative thinking, solutions can be found to address disability-related barriers to employment and to ensure that people with disabilities are included as a valuable resource in the work place.