Working improves income levels to meet basic needs, increases physical tolerance & basic health, grows experience, knowledge & skills, builds self-esteem & social skills. Working also increases motivation and can break down the stigma associated with having a disability. Benefits derived from working include:


  • Improves income level to meet basic needs

Physical Health

  • Develops physical tolerance
  • Improves level of physical activity and stamina
  • Develops healthy routines

Education, Literacy and Skills Training

  • Improves education and literacy level
  • Can assist in securing skills training
  • Facilitates use of modern technology

Facilitate Range and Scope of Work Experience

  • All work and volunteer experience benefits skills development and marketing
  • Lack of job search skills
  • Limited work availability

Develops Interpersonal and Social Skills

  • Develops self esteem
  • Develops support network (informal and formal)
  • Improves social skills
  • Develops motivation

Mental Health

  • Can assist in recovering from episodes of illness
  • Can break down the stigma associated with disclosure of a mental diagnosis
  • Improves the ability to afford and access quality housing
  • Can improve familial supports